Understanding Whip Cream Chargers

A whip cream charger is an electric cartridge or steel cylinder filled with nitrogen that’s used primarily as a whipping agent inside a whipped cream mixer. The wide end of the charger has a partially broken foil cover, which is released to release the nitrous gas. This is typically done by a small, sharp-pointed pen inside the whipped cream mixer. When using a charger to whip cream, you’ll need to use your own discretion. You may prefer to avoid chargers altogether, but here are some benefits and uses for them:

whip cream chargers
One benefit you can get from using whipped cream chargers is the increased yield of whipping you get out of each serving. If you make two or three batches of cream at once, you can quickly get twice the amount of whipped cream out of one tank. It’s also good to know that the larger tanks of nitrous oxide you get will last longer before you have to change it out. This means you don’t have to constantly be checking on it and buying new tanks. In general, the smaller chargers typically last for less than eight hours while the larger ones can last up to twelve hours.

Another great function of whip cream chargers is the ability to use them when you’re making really thick layers of pudding or cake. Many recipes call for very thick layers, which can sometimes be very difficult to achieve without using a great deal of cream. You can get the same results with your charger by purchasing a smaller, eight grams unit. Although you do get eight grams of oxide with each serving, you won’t have to measure out and stir the powdered oxide into the batter. Instead, simply put the eight grams of powdered oxide into your container, then add your desired level of whipped cream.

Another great function of whip cream chargers is how easy they are to use. Many people tend to either leave the bowl down, or simply not use the entire dispenser at all. While it is very possible to save up to two tablespoons of syrup for every half cup of bowl you use, the wasted syrup will be money wasted. Instead of wasting this syrup, you should make sure you have a dispenser handy so you can easily mix up your favorite varieties at a moment’s notice. For this reason, many people either buy more dispensers than they need, or they make their own.

The only thing you really need to keep in mind with whip cream chargers is that you need to buy the right one for your needs. If you only want to get one or two cups at a time from your charger, you’ll only be able to get two grams out of the product. A large size dispensing nozzle is going to be better for this, as it will be easier to get the desired amount. There are even some smaller single serving cartridges available that contain around eight grams of pure nitrous oxide for your whipped cream.

The above specifications and information should help you determine whether or not you should buy a variety of different types of whip cream chargers. If you want to save money, you might also want to consider making your own. In this case, you should look for a quality charger with superior quality no cartridges and waffle makers that have universal voltage adapters. This type of setup should allow you to whip cream from all types of manufacturers with the same convenience and efficiency.


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